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Here are pictures of most of the daylilies I grow. Some of them have not bloomed for me yet! I will try to keep adding my new daylilies as I get their pretty faces on film. I hope these beauties can serve as an inspiration for all those daylily collectors out there!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daylily Fix for those who are photojacked!

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Here are some pictures for those of you who have been suffering since the hijacking of photobucket...

I'll list the name of the post, and the owner of the pics... so you can kind of connect the threads...

1. Can you believe the change in this seedling? - farmerbell

2. A few more blooms to share - Shellyga

3. Some eye candy for you (lots of pics) - shellyga

4. Wanna see a really red dl? (pix) - tweetypye

Here is the red one she is talking about:

5. Joan Senior - tnladyhillbilly

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