Photos of My Daylilies
Here are pictures of most of the daylilies I grow. Some of them have not bloomed for me yet! I will try to keep adding my new daylilies as I get their pretty faces on film. I hope these beauties can serve as an inspiration for all those daylily collectors out there!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Blogger Tips
Hi Everybody!!
School is out and I'm back into daylilies!!  Yay!  After a quick dive vacation to Cozumel, I will be going to lots of garden tours hosted by my home club - North Texas Daylily Society.  They will also be hosting a Daylily flower show, which is always awesome.  I can't wait to enter a few scapes, flowers and pictures!  Here is a picture video of the 2010 NTDS Flower Show:

If you are interested in coming and learning more about daylilies, or just want to view the awesome blooms, come see us at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on 6/8/13 from 1 - 4 pm.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Blogger Tips
Hey, I'm alive!  I had to put daylilies on the back burner due to my education.  But, thankfully, I have finished for the year!  Now that finals are over, I had some time to update my pictures and add some of my new plants.  Take a look through all the eye candy and see what's new!  I hope to update all the pictures of my seedlings as I have some new faces showing up this spring.  I'll leave you with a photo of a seedling I took this morning.


Not too bad, ehe?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Final, First Bloom

Best Blogger Tips

Whew.  Today was my last school final... and boy am I whooped!  I am glad it was my last test too because I was greeted this morning with my first bloom!  Now I will have the time to take photos and see all my seedlings bloom!

It was one of my seedlings from HALF MOON KEY X MUSICAL MEDLEY.  It has a great scape and the flowers are opening nicely... it does have a pointy sepal that I will have to keep an eye on.  I love that it is a bitone and the piecrust edges.

I also found one of my CV's blooming - MIAMI HEAT.  This baby sure puts on a great show every year.  Glad I put it by the driveway so that I can see it when I drive up.

Can't wait to see what this summer will bring!