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Here are pictures of most of the daylilies I grow. Some of them have not bloomed for me yet! I will try to keep adding my new daylilies as I get their pretty faces on film. I hope these beauties can serve as an inspiration for all those daylily collectors out there!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Region 6 Garden Tours - DAY 1

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On May 29th and 30th, the Region 6 Meeting attendees went on their garden tours, and that included me!! I was so excited about this part of the Regional, I could hardly contain myself. We were really in for a treat. I just loved seeing how daylilies were growing for other people in my same climate. On the first day, we all piled in to a great big bus and drove to four gardens.
•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ PENNINGTON GARDEN¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•
The first garden we saw belonged to Ms. Gwen Pennington. She has a beautiful garden, and she and her daughter had layed out quite the breakfast spread for everyone. YUM!! Tamales, bundt cake, coffee, juice and zucchini bread (sorry Gwen, I ate about 4 pieces)!!! She has quite a few beds in front of the house. Photobucket Baffin Bay Beauty Baffin Bay Beauty Batman Batman Funny Cide Funny Cide Night Embers Night Embers Hot Cakes Hot Cakes Dragon's Eye Dragon's Eye Fuchsia Fashion Fuchia Fashion Princess Ellen Princess Ellen Wispy Rays Wispy Rays Spiderman Spider Man Christening Spirit Christening Spirit Velvet Widow Velvet Widow Sabine Baur Sabine Baur Karnack Village Karnack Villiage Black Plush Black Plush Smith Brothers Smith Brothers Killer - the name says it all. I was drawn to this one over and over!! Killer Stellar Star Stellar Star Then we went around back, where I was completely distracted by the food! But I did find more pretty things to take photos of! Photobucket Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior Malicious Rumors Malicious Rumors Crinim - Emma Jones (see, not ALL daylilies) Plenty of other pretty plants all over the yard. Crinim Emma Jones Lavender Cascades - look at all the diamond dusting, wow!! Lavender Cascades Beautiful Hosta Bed Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Gwen was also the host of the Annie T. Giles Award Bed Annie T. Giles Awards Bed Photobucket Photobucket
•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ HOLT GARDEN¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•
The second garden we saw belonged to Gene and Shirlene Holt. They had lots and lots of formal beds in their very extensive back yard that were built just for daylilies. But by the house closer in, they had daylilies intermixed with lots of other perenials. There garden was unique because they had created lots of "pocket" gardens. You just kept finding more and more stuff to look at! Photobucket We were greeted by a GIANT staghorn fern - what a beauty!! Photobucket The Holts had set up a lovly respite in the shade for everyone to enjoy some more lovely treats. Who could refuse a danish? :o) Photobucket Alright, no laughing, but I was really impressed by her composter! Just look at that puppy!! Photobucket Looks like Gene and Shirlene have been up to some other chores! YUM. Photobucket Photobucket Sweet Tranquility Sweet Tranquility Sultan's Warrior Sultan's Warrior Chinese Cloud Dancer Chinese Cloud Dancer Magic Carpet Ride Magic Carpet Ride Cherry Valentine Cherry Valentine Web of Intrigue Web Of Intrigue Web Of Intrigue Tooth Tooth Relections in Time Relfections in Time Reflections in Time Cartier's Gem Cartier's Gem Watchyl Lavender Blue Watchyl Lavender Blue Gift From Heaven Gift From Heaven Peppermint Frosting Peppermint Frosting Killer - oh, look! Here it is again! Killer Forbidden Desires Forbidden Fantasy Paper Butterfly Paper Butterfly Blue Voodoo Blue Voodoo Forever Red Forever Red Elegantisma Elegantisma Everyone is just loving all these daylilies!! Yippe! Photobucket Photobucket In the side yard, I found a beautiful Tiger Lily blooming. Photobucket Shirlene has some lovely yard art and water features too! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Oh look, another frog!! :o) Photobucket Photobucket Shirlene and friends Photobucket
•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ BEVEL GARDEN¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•
The thrid garden we visited belonged to Tom and Diane Bevel. It was a lovely manicured garden oasis which they had created in an urban environment. Abbot's Magic Abbot's Magic Azure Violets Azure Violets They had some beautiful raised beds. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Heaven's Majesty Heaven's Majesty Symmetry In Ruffles Symmetry In Ruffles Edged In Red Edged In Red Tennessee Treasure Tennessee Treasure Veiled Promise Veiled Promise Reason For Treason Reason For Treason Jungle Fever Jungle Fever Rosy Rhino Rosy Rhino Tom Bevel and Friends Photobucket Michael Miller Michael Miller Spiny Sea Urchin Spiny Sea Urchin Rocketeer Rocketeer Sweet Tranquility Sweet Tranquility
•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ KNIGHT GARDEN¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•
Last, but certianly not least, we got to visit Eddie and Nickie Knight's garden. Their garden was unique because the daylilys were all interspersed within the garden setting - mixed with annual and perenials. There were lovely walking paths that would take you to unexpected places and you'd find another small garden area. Photobucket Dutchman's Puzzle Dutchman's Puzzle Screen Pattern Screen Pattern Nikki Knight Nikki Knight Photobucket Photobucket Irresistable Charm Irresistable Charm Color Purple Color Purple Photobucket Photobucket Jungle Butterfly Jungle Butterfly Photobucket Look!! A little friend! Photobucket Peacock Curls Peacock Curls Magic Lake Magic Lake King's Cloak King's Cloak What a beautiful pot! Photobucket Rainbow Candy Rainbow Candy Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanore Roosevelt

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