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Here are pictures of most of the daylilies I grow. Some of them have not bloomed for me yet! I will try to keep adding my new daylilies as I get their pretty faces on film. I hope these beauties can serve as an inspiration for all those daylily collectors out there!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Winter Losses...

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Well, I guess here is a good place to cry about my winter losses.  I had some new acquisitions, transplants  and seedlings in pots from last fall.  This past winter, we had the longest, coldest stretch in Texas history since, well, forever.  This spring, when the weather warmed up, and the daylilies started poking up again, I was really bummed to find quite a few didn't make it through.  Here is the list:

Beachin' Babe
Beauty Of His Grace
Born To Run
Blue Eyed Angel
Cerulean Warbler
TET Crystal Blue Persuasion
Heavenly Mansions
Mississippi Blues
Moments Rich In Blessing
Moonlight Sail
Plum Eyed Delight
Precious Candy
Purple Pajamas
Shores Of Time
Standing On The Promise
West Texas Windmill

All of them had just simply turned to mush.  It was strange, but there were still some solid storage roots all the way at the bottom of the pot, but the rest of the root system leading up to them, including the crowns were just spongy, mushy, bad smelling (don't you HATE that smell??), muck.

Ah, well... I planted some new seedlings, and I will try to replace a few of these since I got them for hybridizing.

Now off to study a bit for my Calculus test later today!!  Ack, can you see my diversions??  LOL.

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